​​​​​​​Tiago is an English teacher who, through online classes, guides his students in the process of learning English as a Second Language (ESL - English as a Second Language), that is, English in English, in detriment to the traditional method (EFL - English as a Foreign Language) that uses translation throughout the process. His process includes interactive online activities with "gamefication" principles applied whenever possible. His teaching is focused on Apps and the website (English Clinic), where through various tools he is able to develop uncomplicated content for those who are learning. Its audience ranges from young people aged 18 to people aged 50, middle and upper class.
They are people who like to keep themselves updated and are always learning something new.

Show in the design as much clarity as possible, because we want to re-educate the student, showing that it is possible to learn English without being monotonous and overwhelming.
Here we have the need to express an accessible and intuitive language, so that the future student avoids self-sabotage. Learning English in English makes the process more real. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate this visual access in the visual identity.

With the idea of ​​practicality in hand, a visual identity linked to the contact made by letters (of those delivered by post) was put in place, facilitating visual communication entirely linked to the English language. The extreme simplification of the symbol proves that being intuitive is our main goal. The Tiago English Tutor brand relates colors that are easy to assimilate into its content and brings maturity to its design.
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