The project is a game (app) of general knowledge, where the user has the possibility to generate wealth by having fun and learning. ThinkBest seeks to modify the outdated way of earning money through gambling, the idea is to provide everyone with a fun way to generate resources through their knowledge, at a fair cost and accessible to all social classes, not depending on luck or skill, that would be just a small factor, what really counts is the dedication to learning, and for that reason, ThinkBest will offer even greater discounts to schools and universities, where the student can benefit from their dedication.
The logo design was thought exclusively for use in the app and on the website, the brand's universe brings this language full of puzzles and fun, with illustrations, stickers and fun fonts, talking directly with its main audience, which is young people at school.

Client: ThinkBest 
Local: Aventura, Florida, United States

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