The Studio Aceso is specialized in lighting projects, and had a complete research process in the search for differentiation in its field, having the creation of the name, strategic development, website development and creation of the brand and visual identity. The name Studio Aceso comes from this simplicity of the act of turning on the light, an act so present in our daily lives, the word "ACESO" itself also refers to the instinct of creativity, of being connected and updated in everything that happens, it's a strong word that fit with the studio's purpose of delivering differentiated projects that leave the comfort zone. The brand's design was designed to work mainly on backgrounds with images, so it has a clear message and little visual information, its visual appeal is aesthetically clean and concise, having a good read responsiveness. Its colors guide the sense of light and dark, with blue being responsible for the neutral tone that gives sobriety, and orange the lighting that vibrates and brings the clarity that the brand communicates in its creativity.
Throughout the graphic content, minimalism prevails, whether in the letter A of the brand referring to a light bulb, or in the personalized typography, or in the entire element of the visual identity, which works on forms linked to the effects of light. STUDIO ACESO is a daring project that will serve the AA class, it has a technical, creative and inspiring language. It wants to be a measure of quality for the general public who prefer products that make them feel special and unique.

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