​​​​​​​Project A is a company specialized in the elaboration of engineering projects (architectural, electrical, hydrosanitary, structural and fire prevention, which is the main focus of the company), also provides project plotting services. They have been on the market for 13 years. Its mission is to carry out projects and plots with quality services, optimized terms and costs, aiming at full customer satisfaction. Today the search is for a renewal in the brand, which expands the market range, to become a brand of expression and recognition, for the behavior and business history, for the quality of the established relationships and for the services provided. The brand seeks to attract, develop and retain the best people, recognizing the main asset in each employee. Projeto A works with commitment, responsibility, compliance with current laws and standards, as well as the preservation of the environmAent and respect for society, always seeking quality, excellence and working with cutting-edge technologies.
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