Mekiez is a tailor shop in Barcelona, ​​Spain. A new concept of handmade men's clothing with the purpose of being unique. Mekiez offers luxury products for the class A, with attention to every detail, delivering something completely unique for each customer. The brand will work in several countries such as Morocco, France and the United States, in addition to Spain. Mekiez seeks to be a strong brand, which aims to expand worldwide, to the point of standing out among the largest companies in the sector.


The Mekiez brand is for a select audience, and needs to prove to be something unique. They are men who like to dress well. They know how to identify a quality product, and have traits marked by leadership. Design needs to be innovative, robust and strengthen this issue of the free man.

The eagle was defined as the main element of the brand, an animal that is venerated for its sovereignty, and is recognized as a symbol of power in many cultures, strengthening our purpose of taking greater flights around the world. This symbol comes in line with the defined archetype '' explorer ". The eagle vision is a strategy used by people who want to reach the top, with the ability to see beyond the obvious. It refers to freedom, strength, vitality and ascension. Also for the brand, a specific typography was created respecting the same curves as the design, as it is something unique. The first letter "E" is mirrored, being thus visualized as a wing. The whole identity refers to it (in the sense of respected), without leaving aside style, wanting to create a new legacy.

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