Lucas Moreira is an architect from Santa Catarina, who serves people and companies looking for a qualified professional for the most diverse types of architectural projects, working from the conception of the project to the aesthetic and functional elaboration of spaces, involving compositions and furniture design, decoration, etc. He stands out for being a complete and effective professional, knowing how to deal with the client from the first contact, going through the search for visual references until the delivery of something that fully meets the needs of each one. Lucas Moreira develops projects that value the functional and the emotional, with ties linked to minimalism, sustainability and organizational architecture, giving each space a unique purpose. Its upper-middle class audience ranges from young people with good purchasing power to adults who have already graduated and have a stable life.

To differentiate yourself in such a competitive market, you need an idea that you argue with the product to be sold. In this case, the architecture. The main challenge is to become creative in order to attract an audience that seeks the new and the different.

The design refers to the structure of a plant, characterizing the concept of construction and functionality, we see on the grid the letters "L" and "M" in a perfect fit. This fit enhances our purpose of taking advantage of each space within the environment and adds a creative visual unit that gives movement to the logo.

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