INK is a tattoo parlor located in the city of Tubarão, Santa Catarina with experienced professionals. The quality offered in its services has made it known and sought after by everyone in the region who has a taste for art. The studio today has three main professionals: Lucas Pessoa, a tattoo artist specialized in realism / surrealism, Sandro Plankton with work focused on Blackwork and Felipe Pessoa on Fine Line and Sketch. The studio was founded in 2009 and currently has undergone a major renovation, which has generated the need for an update of both the brand and the entire graphics. The new design of the brand brought the characteristics of the studio's architecture combined with a bold and classic design. In the creation, a monogram of the letters I + H + T was made with an allusion to a shield / coat of arms, and the united letters resemble the shape of a tattoo machine.
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