Grãos do Sol started its work as a family business. In the beginning, the focus was whole-grain breads and cakes, then came gluten-free, milk-free and low-carb products, which are being worked on nowadays. The company, from Laguna – Santa Catarina, uses mainly regional ingredients, marrying well with its values ​​that are closely linked to a process that is very artisanal.

Grãos do Sol is undergoing a transformation, and is already developing a new menu with a line of products designed for large-scale sale. The idea is to be selling to the entire national territory in the next 5 years. Therefore, the need for a redesign and revitalization of the brand, combined with the purpose of raising new airs and transforming the initial concept into something completely professional, that has consistency, aiming to reach its main audience, which is young, well-informed, likes to take care of the health, and search for results and not prices.'

In this re-design project, a lighter language was proposed, with vibrant colors and a calligraphic typography that referred to an artisanal process, made with care and dedication. The Grãos do Sol brand gains the air of a special product and manages to work the visual identity in a uniform way in all its packaging and point of sale materials.

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