The Portaria do Futuro is now more than ten years old, it was one of the first companies in Brazil to develop solutions for remote concierge and door automation. It is a company that operates both with technology (developing automation systems for gatekeepers) and providing remote gatekeeper services (it has a call center where it has several service stations for condominiums in the remote doorman service). The activities of the Portaria do Futuro today are basically concentrated in Greater São Paulo and Niterói (RJ). These two locations are where most of your customers are located. It is a company that in addition to serving end customers (condominiums) with its software solution and remote concierge service, also only provides technology for some partners to serve their end customers.
This factor is in a way a generator of conflict of interest because in its operation of directly serving condominiums, it sometimes ends up competing with partner companies that resell their solution. There is no number to determine how much the market knows the Ordinance of the Future, however, it can be said that:
• The Ordinance of the Future is certainly not known outside these geographic regions;
• There are certain companies that have invested more robustly in marketing for a longer time, are better known than the Ordinance and have a larger market share than the Ordinance, even in those regions where the Ordinance operates;
• We always hear from customers and partners, when Portaria solutions are compared with other market solutions, they consider Portaria do Futuro to be the best solution.

The new company that we intend to create is a dismemberment of these two current activities of the Ordinance of the Future, and it will only keep the technology part. The company Portaria do Futuro we intend to sell to some company that is already specialized in service to condominiums, and the Portaria do Futuro will be a client of this new business after being sold, as it will need to continue using our technology. Obviously, we will not sell the technology. We understand that there is a large market in Brazil and even outside of Brazil, because the concepts of automation of concierge (whether Virtual Concierge or Management by Resident) is something that in medium and large cities has only a small portion of condos that have already joined, and in smaller cities, it’s a concept that hasn’t even arrived yet.
The current business, both moving with technology and serving the end customer, has given us an important advantage so far of having managed to direct the focus of technologies to the best applications, as we feel the pain of the end customer "in the flesh".
However, the end customer is also a major limiter of growth in scale, as it demands very personalized service. The installation of the equipment of a concierge is fully customized for each condominium, because each building has a unique physical structure, number of accesses, garage access, alarm, CCTV (TV circuit) and also the security requirements and investment capacity of the residents, which also change (even if two buildings had exactly the same plant, they would have different facilities due to these factors). Also in the remote concierge area, on a day-to-day basis, each client adopts and requires a service policy that contains particularities, and to address this, it is necessary to structure service teams, service stations, management, and all the associated complexity that doesn’t allow us to have an exclusive focus on taking care of the technology.

They are the owners of services outsourcing companies for condominiums (concierge, cleaning and maintenance), alarm monitoring companies, condominium administrators, usually men, middle-aged (more for young people than for the elderly), they are very informal, life (but not millionaires), they give a lot of value to every penny (because they built everything they have), they are within a market where there is a lot of personal relationships under different aspects (with trustees, residents, employees, service providers), in such a way that they are more relational people, they love technology but do not dominate it and are enchanted by those who dominate it, they are not or do not have time to organize themselves and they love those who offer the organization, they are quite enterprising (as long as they feel confident in supporting it) that they are going to undertake) and has a very protective behavior towards the clients in their portfolio (clients are his, his company, he does not want to find another client).

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