Urubici is a city in southern Santa Catarina known for its exuberant nature. Located in one of the highest and coldest places in the country, it is part of the well-known snow path. At the top of church hill (1,822 meters), the highest inhabited point in southern Brazil, the lowest temperature in the country was unofficially recorded: -17.8 degrees Celsius in June 1996. 

The Forest Cabin will be a cabin located in this region that will provide a unique ambiance experience, making the visitor part of the place, exploring the surrounding nature and offering all the necessary comfort for a special stay. Forest Cabin has values linked to adventure, challenge and discovery, with rusticity, exclusivity and discovery as its visual language.

"Breathing the fresh air of nature and finding in it a welcoming refuge, in a perfect combination of simplicity and exclusivity. That's how you will feel at Forest Cabin, a place to call your own, disconnect and live unforgettable moments."

Forest Cabin, live now.
The elements that make up the visual identity were hand-drawn with ink, offering a more organic visual proposal, in keeping with the values that the brand offers. Icons were created based on cave paintings present in the region, made by people who passed through there about 4,000 years ago. Other elements such as the forest were represented in artistic paintings.

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