Couna Arquitetura is a group of architects who create authorial projects for works of art connected to the landscape. Specialized in wood and modular dry construction systems, they propose solutions that are based on the balance between art, function and sustainability.
The studio develops feasibility studies for various architectural and urban developments. Furniture / concept furniture projects, modular cabin projects (nuoca) and efficient rural condominium projects, always focusing on fast, clean and accurate works.
The modular architecture appears as part of the need to execute projects faster, to meet all social contexts. This type of construction allows the creation of minimal spaces, use of lean budgets and application in collaborative environments. To represent this style, five equal spaces were used that will represent the five letters of the brand. All of them will adapt to their best format within that space forming the word COUNA. The visual identity, in turn, is composed of elements linked to nature, translating this language of union between architecture and landscape.


We are Couna Arquitetura, a group of architects with a common goal: to create works that connect to landscapes. We create integrated architectural projects developed with full 3D immersion. We believe that collaborative work takes us further.
We are experts in wood and modular dry building systems, and we have the authority to create projects with purpose and sustainability. We believe that architecture is health, value to life, art and investment.

Couna Architecture
Connecting work and landscape.

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