CliniQuantic is a quantum therapy clinic, where assessments of toxins in the body are made using biofeedback equipment, managing to identify the problem in real time and obtaining the result of the evaluation of any organ in the body, cell, tissue or blood. This gives you the best personalized treatment without the use of chemicals. The goal is to help improve people's lives, physical, mental and emotional health through alternative therapies. Its target audience is predominantly female, middle-class and quite varied in age. CliniQuantic wants to revolutionize health, bringing personalized treatments in a cozy place full of good energy with the latest equipment to obtain the best results.

Demystify the quantum as something mystical, and show that it can be a new treatment option. Relate quantum energy to healing power and demonstrate that solution to an audience looking for solutions when conventional medical treatments can no longer help.
A light design with colors linked to the water element, great energy conductor and linked to healing. A modern and futuristic brand with circular elements.
The whole creation was based on the water element, so the colors of the visual identity are linked to shades of blue, from a more sober blue referring to seriousness and technology, passing through an involving gradient to a turquoise green, this connection is linked to energy visual that we want to demonstrate. To help in this coloration, waves with dots were created in order to visually demonstrate this connection
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