Paolo Rodini is a chef specialized in Italian cuisine and with Bronco he wants to present people with real Italian food, made the right way and with high quality ingredients. Paolo is a chef passionate about what he does. Today Bronco offers frozen products, such as lasagna, gnocchi, sauces, fresh pasta, pies and sweets. Bronco is aimed at an audience that knows good food and wants to enjoy it, so the brand must be presented in a format that meets these needs. Its public is regional and varies from medium to high purchasing power, in the age group of 25 to 70 years. They are people who like good gastronomy and invest in quality food. The mission here was to translate all of this into a visual identity that showed tradition and quality. The project was developed based on old Italian restaurants and their stylized Italian signs.
The brand has two main applications that define its visual persona, the first and main is stylized in a strong calligraphic typography, referring to Italian signs from scratch, with details that make it unique in its curves, hand-crafted, like the special touch of a chef. This brand will be used in printed materials such as menus, business cards, packaging and the like. Products that deserve a main highlight of the brand.
The second is the complementary brand, a capital letterpress with straight and clear letters, also referring to stylized signs, but bringing a wider and faster reading.

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